Motorola teases key specs of both the Moto G60 and Moto G40 Fusion before launch


Motorola is not giving up on the phone market yet as they are planning to bring us the Moto G40 Fusion and Moto G60 soon. The company has made a habit of teasing both phones in the past and now, they have revealed some key specs of the unit to us.

According to an official Instagram post from the company, both units will have a Qualcomm SD 732G chipset under the hood, carry a 6.8-inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate and support HDT10 also.

It almost seems like both units will be the same till you learn that the Moto G60 utilises a 108MP main camera while the other unit has a 64MP main snapper instead. However, the other cameras in the tri-sensor setup on both units will be the same lens rating.

As we inch closer to the launch of these units which has been set for April 20, we hope to get even more news of what to expect from the official sources.