Motorola releases video ads to tease, and inform, on its coming foldable RAZR

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While Samsung (Galaxy Fold) and Huawei (Mate X) have shown the world what they can achieve with a foldable device, Motorola is about to join the fray. What we love the most about the introduction of this new RAZR phone is the clamshell form factor which makes it more practical than what the former companies have in the market.

As we gear up to the February 6 launch of the phone, Motorola has dropped some new video ads which not only tells you about how amazing the device is, but how to care for it too.

From the videos, it is obvious that Motorola recommends:

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  • Not using screen protectors on the device since the adhesives can damage the screen
  • Folding the phone gully before putting it back in your pocket
  • Keeping the foldable panel away from sharp and harmful objects, etc.

The video also shows off some of the gesture-based features that would make the phone great and intuitive. We recommend seeing all the videos for yourself to see what’s coming on this amazing piece of hardware.

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