Microsoft sends out the wrong update to its Windows 10 users for the second time in three months

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Microsoft has been in the software market for longer than many other vendors, but that does not mean they are still not plagued by some mistakes from time to time. This time around, it is a repetition of a mistake they made with a Windows 10 update sent out to devices running on this OS.

In October of this year, Microsoft sent out an update which was supposed to make changes to those who had set up a feature called Autopilot. However, it was found out that all users got the update on their devices.  To Microsoft’s credit, they were quick to admit the error and take down the update, but that has now repeated itself.

While this is not supposed to be a very big deal, we don’t expect to see such mistakes from a brand as big as this. They have commented on the matter, stating that the Autopilot update will not affect users of the Windows 10 platform who don’t have the feature set up. However, that is no reason for you to not uninstall the update if you don’t need it – just to be on the safer side of things.

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