LG Q70 becomes first LG phone with Galaxy S10-esque hole punch

LG Q70 becomes first LG phone with Galaxy S10-esque hole punch

Samsung and LG are in the same market, and the former company seems to have rubbed off on the latter a little bit. At least, that is what we are seeing with the LG Q70 which just recently launched.

One of the first things that users will notice about this phone is the hole in the screen, making it the first device from LG to feature such a design.

Looking at the phone itself, its massive 6.4 inch of screen with minimal bezels gives you all the screen real estate you want. That is bettered by the Full D+ experience guaranteed by this screen.

While we would have loved to see a dual selfie sensor, we only have a single 16MP camera to look at in the hole punch. But then, that is not at all bad since it makes way for three different cameras on the back – starting with a 32MP main sensor and spiralling into a 13MP shooter for ultra-wide pictures with 5MP depth support.

A Qualcomm SD 675 chipset on the inside, and 4GB of RAM would not exactly turn heads these days. That said, though, we still have 64GB of expandable storage space to look at. Finally, a 4000mAh battery is in there to keep the juices flowing – and we believe this should be enough to get most users through a single day without having to charge in-between.