LG might be making moves to exit the smartphone market completely

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If we’ll be honest, LG has not really done as well as we would have expected in the phone market in recent years. Not even the purchase of Motorola helped them gain a solid standing in the market.

Thus, when the news of the brand exiting the smartphone market started making waves, it did not come as a surprise to many. To others, it is like the bowing out of the market by Blackberry after trying all it could to capture the hay days again.

LG has made some great phones for us so far but they also suffer from doing too much at once. That is evident in their introduction of the moddable units and some other designs that just did not catch on with the market. The South Korean company excels in other areas, but not in pleasing the fans completely.

As of the time of this writing, the company is yet to announce its move but major outlets from Korea have already reported the news. For now, we wait for the LG top management to put out an official release about the direction that the company will continue to go in the coming years.

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