Lenovo prepping an OLED P12 Pro tablet for the market

Lenovo prepping an OLED P12 Pro tablet for the market

What’s with Lenovo and tablets these days?

Last month, the OEM launched a series of the Yoga Tab 13, Yoga Tab 11 and Tab P11 Plus at the same time. They also did one better by making sure the devices would ship to everywhere in the world right from the launch time.

A new sighting on the Google Play console, however, points to there being a new tablet in the works. It seems that this one will be the bigger brother to the Tab P11 Pro that made the market from last year.

Dubbed the P12 Pro, this new tablet brings an OLED screen to this category and carries an impressive SD 855 chipset to match. It also brings a higher resolution than the P11 Plus from this year but is on par with the P11 Pro – which is yet another region where we see some improvements here.

Out of the box, this device will ship with 8GB of RAM and pair that with undisclosed storage space. We believe that the least to make it to this unit will be 64GB ROM.

Billed to launch with a fast charger, the mid-July registration of this device means that we should not have to wait too long before we get its launch event too.