Leakster claims a 780G chipset iQOO Z3 Pro is coming

Leakster claims a 780G chipset iQOO Z3 Pro is coming

Vivo brought us the iQOO Z3 in all its glory last week and that was a fine device to look at.

Under the hood was all of a 55W fast charging on top of the fine battery and an SD 768G chipset to match. On the top, we had a fine 120Hz screen refresh rate to look at.

If the current rumour making the waves is anything to look at, though, we might be in for a Pro version of this unit.

According to the tipster, the upcoming unit will use an SD 780G chipset instead and carry as much as 144Hz refresh rate on the LCD panel. Come on, iQOO – you can surely do better than an LCD, we know.

There is no additional information about the new unit but we know that it would sell for a higher price than the non-Pro option currently in the market. For reference, the basic iQOO Z3 sells for an equivalent of $260 in the Chinese market although it could cost 30% more than that in international markets.

Note that there is no official information supporting the presence of any such unit in the pipeline at iQOO. In the coming weeks, though, more light should be shed on the status of the phone.