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Lagos state executives adopt digital meeting over Zoom amid COVID-19 concerns

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The current COVID-19 pandemic that is being dealt with by Nigeria has forced the country to take certain measures, one of which is limiting the congregation of people so as to stall the spread of the virus. However, some activities and meeting still have to take place, especially for parastatals as important as the government.

In an interesting turnoff events, the Lagos state government has become a trailblazer by being the first in the country to hold an executive meeting online.

The meeting had in attendance the governor and deputy of the state, as well as other executive members too.

Holding via Zoom – a cloud meeting platform that allows up to 100 participants – everyone was able to follow the government guidelines on avoiding gatherings of more than 20 people. Now that some states have been declared to be on total lockdown, such meetings over digital spaces will become more and more important.

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