It’s now possible to run Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile


For quite sometime, rumors and speculations about the possibility of running Android apps on Windows Phone smartphones had been floating online, this seems to be gradually coming to life in Windows 10 Mobile.

This project is part of the Microsoft’s vision of Bridge Technologies, as presented in Build 2015. This all part of the dividend the project aimed at enabling developers and consumers port Android and iOS apps to devices running Windows 10 OS.

So far the Astoria tools have proven to be very powerful; however, the glitch is their inability to run Google Play. The leaked version is but an incomplete form of the actual project Astoria and thus the users can expect much better and refined software experience in future.

Developers and users alike have been coming forth with their experience ever since the leak. Though the Astoria tools promise to deliver a complete Android Apps experience on Windows 10 Mobile, the process is complicated as well as risky as many users have reported stalled devices forcing them to re-flash their Windows Phone.

Initially only a few devices support Project Astoria tools and require the latest Windows 10 Mobile version. Project Astoria tools will greatly aid those Android developers who wanted to port their apps to Windows operating system.

On the other hand, Windows Phone developers are agonizing over the sheer simplicity and ease of porting Android apps to Windows. This could result in native Windows app development declining in the long run.

From the consumer point, of view it is a very encouraging move by Microsoft and the users are sure to benefit from the project as number of available games and apps enhances.

But for making this project a success, the installation procedure needs to be made way less cumbersome than it is now.