iPhone 12 may not launch until 2021, new leak suggests

iPhone 12 may not launch until 2021, new leak suggests

There was never a question of when the iPhones will hit the market. Apple has set a culture of bringing them to us in September, and they have kept to that ever since. However, this might be the year where things change.

The recent outbreak of a novel coronavirus strain meant that production had to be slowed down in different parts of the world – especially China where the hit was first recorded. That also happens to be the country where most phone companies get their manufacturing done, so the clampdown on industrial work has put Apple behind schedule.

The recent leak from insiders, allegedly, is that the production of the phone could be delayed by several months. That could see it slip into the year 2021 instead of coming out this year.

If that happens, Apple might also have to choose another month for its releases from then on. Likewise, the company might be considering the fact that the demand for premium phones will be weak at a time like this. It is, thus, preferable to not have it at all.

We will advise that you take this new with a punch of salt though. Some strong sources have claimed that the production of the phones is on track. There might, however, be some truths in getting the phone delayed by about a month or two.