iOS 15 audio bug preventing social media sound from playing

iOS 15 audio bug preventing social media sound from playing

There are always issues to be expected on any new update, even if they have been extensively tested in the beta stage. That is what we have on the new iOS 15 now, so there is no need to panic. If you have also moved to the new OS, though, you might have observed an audio bug – and you won’t be alone.

If you are familiar with what your mute button does, you would know that it takes the phone into the silent mode completely. However, if you were using social media apps and wanted the sound to play, pressing either of the volume keys will make that happen.

Users on iOS 15 are now finding out that they cannot even do that anymore, even though they press the volume rockers multiple times.

For now, the issue seems to be prevalent with apps like YouTube and Instagram.

Apple is yet to say anything about the issue so we don’t think it comes from their end. Given that Facebook has also mentioned working on a fix to allow IG users get their sounds back on the new OS, we believe that it might be a compatibility issue with these third-party apps.

It is a waiting game for now, but we will like an official update from Apple so that we know who’s to blame for these issues.