India will also get ColorOS 7 as hope brightens for other markets

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Realme is making solid moves in the market these days, and we have another one in the way of the OS running on these devices.

It has already been confirmed that the Realme X2 Pro will get its next iteration of ColorOS on December 18, and that this will first be seen with the devices in China. It is now sure that we will be getting this same update in India – and on what dates too.

According to the information leaking through the CEO of the company’s Indian arm, the Indian release date for the OS will be confirmed on November 25 – which is a full day before the announcement of this new OS in the country.

For those who have seen the first launch of the OS earlier this week, you will also note that it is billed to start rolling out to Oppo devices from the 25th of November and get to the Realme units from February 2020.

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That might be a long time to wait, but it ensures the company gets things right for both kinds of devices it has on its table

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