If you can’t go to Mars – Just go for NASA Curiosity Simulator

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Want to see Terrain of Mars without risking your life? Well, NASA has built two interactive web applications to fulfill your wish. The web applications will let you explore the literal “no man’s land” from the comfort of your hospitable home.

So there are the Two Web Apps in brief details:

The first of the two simulators is Mars Trek.

The simulator will show you the red planet, like Google Earth, Shows you the Blue Planet (by the way, Earth is the Blue Planet!). the Application uses 50 years worth of exploration data and represents it like an interactive 3D globe.

It includes 3D and 2D views and the pictures are very deep. The detailing is so good that NASA is currently using Mars Trek to Trek-out potential landing sites for its 2020 Mars rover.

It has bookmarks to show-off interesting points as per NASA’s previous Missions. The controls of the Mars Trek appears to be right out of a video-game.

Checkout the Mars Curiosity Simulator

And the second simulator is named the Experience Curiosity.

This App is going to give you a little more personal touch as you can literally take control of NASA’s latest Mars rover.

It is essentially a curiosity simulator with manual drive controls, multiple camera view angles and a guided tour. You can control the rover and there are narrated lesson about exploring the Mars terrains.

Both Web Apps are completely free and will support any Web Browser. So if you have regret for not seeing through Columbus’s eyes, then open your browser.

History for the first time has given you the capability to see through the eyes of the pioneers.

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