Huawei patents phone design with rollable screen

Huawei patents phone design with rollable screen

Huawei was one of the many companies that were rushing to the foldable device race. While Samsung could be said to be enjoying the pioneer role so much these days, Huawei might have another thing up their sleeves. If all goes according to plan, the Asian OEM could just be the first to launch a device with a rollable display.

Going by a patent filed with the WIPO earlier in the year, Huawei is working on a device with a rolling display, equipped with a magnetic mechanism that helps to keep the screen flat once it has been fully rolled out. For this kind of folding display to work, Huawei has also made the patent such that the display wraps around the entire device.

With the leak of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 confirming that there is a new Corning GG that is twice as scratch resistant as the Gorilla Glass 6, we know that this kind of screen can be pulled off to some degree of safety. With the screen everywhere, though, there remains the concern of just how well this device will play out.

If there is anything that we know from years of reporting on phone patents, though, it is that not all patents make it to the market. Likewise, Huawei might register this so that they own the intellectual property rights and can charge other companies who want to use similar R&D.

For now, there is nothing concrete to suggest that work is underway on such a unit yet. Only time will tell.