Huawei Mate 30 Pro already up for pre-sale for Swiss buyers

Huawei Mate 30 Pro already up for pre-sale for Swiss buyers

Huawei has been having a few past troubled months due to the issues they have with the US, but that is not stopping them from making waves. It now seems that they have taken the flagship Mate 30 Pro to another market – and people in Switzerland can now have their hands on this amazing unit.

In the spirit of transparency, they have shown on the listing that the device does not come with Google’s Mobile services which have since been replaced by those from Huawei. However, this has not stopped the success of the phone in markets like China where they have recorded massive sales already.

One other amazing thing about this unit is that it makes use of zero American parts from the start to end of the design. If this does not show that Huawei can now stand on its own, we don’t know what else will prove that.

For the Swiss people who would like to get the phone, it has already gone on for pre-sale at Digitec and will start shipping from the 10th of this month.

Will you be copping one of these units for yourself too, even though you don’t get to use the usual Google services on the phone?