Huawei is not ready to ditch the notch on the Mate 30 lineup

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At a time when other smartphone manufacturers are interested in removing the notch from their devices, Huawei seems interested in keeping it there. Well, that is looking the case for their upcoming Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro units.

Although we haven’t seen the units in the flesh, the leaked screen protectors for the Mate 30 Pro gives us all we need to know.

For one, the notch is surely going to be wide so that it can take all the fie cut-outs on the screen. Besides that, we are interested in what Huawei plans to house in all those cut-out sections: a selfie camera, a sensor, and an earpiece/ speaker, leaving us with two interesting cut-outs to deal with.

It is said that the vanilla Mate 30 will also have the same cut-out design as its bigger brother. However, we can expect to have a bigger curve on the Mate 30 Pro and a moderate one on the edges of the little brother.

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