Huawei could launch the P50 series on July 29

Huawei could launch the P50 series on July 29

Huawei might have been hit with a lot of sanctions and market bans in the last couple of years but the brand is not slowing down in churning out its devices yet. They have even added new lines and done what most brands could not have done if in the same shoes.

As of the time of this writing, we now have that the brand is gearing up to launch the P50 series from July 29. There have been rumours to suggest that there will be three units in this series, from a basic P50 to the more advanced P50 Pro and P50 Pro+.

For now, some sources have claimed that the company will only be able to sell the 4G options of this phone. That might mean only the vanilla model, and we will be getting the other two at some later dates. It also points to the effects that the pandemic might have had on the supply of parts needed to make these units.

That said, some renders of the phone point to having a huge ultrawide sensor. Looking at the images yourself, you will agree that the adjective is not an understatement.

It would be best to take everything with a pinch of salt till the company makes an official announcement. Still, we are excited to have a breath of fresh air that Huawei always beings with their phones every year.