Huawei clarifies the issue on how existing smartphones will fare after permanent Android ban

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It seems like all we are talking about these days is the Huawei situation with the US. Well, when we are not talking about the OnePlus 7 Pro and its myriad of issues.

From the time the news about Huawei made the waves, there has been a lot of speculation about what the Android license withdrawal could mean. There has also been a shroud of uncertainty on how this ban is supposed to work and take effect in the first place.

Following an interview of the brand itself, some things are now clearer.

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Devices from the company which are yet to get an Android certification might not be able to get it at all. For those that have the certification (that is, the units in your hands and the one in stores already), you will be able to keep using Android like nothing happened.

All that ruse about the SD card functionality being cut off or some Google apps disappearing from your phone have been exaggerated.

Beyond that, existing Huawei phones will be able to update their apps from the Google Play Store and access all of the Google services they had been using before. Even if they reset their phones to factory default, that still wouldn’t take away Android support.

Some good news amidst all the negative press Huawei has been getting, don’t you think?

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