HTC U11 ad taken down over ‘misleading’ content


HTC has had an ad going for its U11 unit for a while now which is aimed at pushing the device’s IP67 rating on the public.

In the ad, Tom Daley (an Olympic swimmer) is seen diving into a pool and taking selfies as he descends into the water. He swims through the pool and comes put at the other end with nothing having happened to his phone. That, it is expected, will show the public that this unit can really go underwater and not get damaged, as long as it’s not deeper than 1m.

HTC U11 ad taken down over ‘misleading’ content

However, the UK ad authorities have now decided that this ad is misleading and should not be run anymore. According to them, Tom is a professional who might be able to keep his phone above 1m in water after attempting a stunt like that.

The public, on the other hand, will find it hard to do that. HTC’s case is not even helped by the fact that they had a disclaimer in the original video which suggested that people not try this on their own.

Looking on the bright side, this ad has been running since mid last year. That means they would have already gotten the best out of it. With the U12+ just around the corner, it might be time to take down that ad anyways