Honor Getting Closer to Securing a Deal with Chipset Maker, Qualcomm

Honor Getting Closer to Securing a Deal with Chipset Maker, Qualcomm

Recently, the news about the sale of a popular smartphone sub-brand – Honor – made it to the online space.

Following the sale by Huawei, which happens to be the mother brand, Honor now has access to lots of smartphone components and technologies it was banned from due to the sanctions placed on the Chinese brand by the United States government.

With restrictions out of the way, the firm can get smartphone chipset from famous chip makers like Qualcomm.

Based on reports, Qualcomm and Honor are already talking, and the duo is quite close to reaching an agreement.

Undoubtedly, both brands – Huawei and Honor – will compete against each other. It would be refreshing to see how things turn out for both brands.

Meanwhile, Zhao Ming, Honor’s CEO, reportedly spoke to the employees of the firm on how they aim to push Honor to be the leading smartphone brand in its home country.

While under Huawei, Honor was producing only budget-friendly and mid-range handsets while Huawei did the honours of manufacturing the high-end devices.

However, now that Honor is standing alone, the brand will also begin the manufacture and launch of premium smartphones that may feature the new launched Snapdragon 888 chip if both companies strike a deal.

Further, Zhao Ming mentioned that Honor would launch other devices apart from smartphones, but he didn’t give any details. Speculations believe that the brand will start launching smart accessories soon.

Judging by the firm’s track record, it’s ok to assume that Honor will dive into the production of Smart TVs, smartwatches, wireless earphones, Fitness bands, and more.

In other news, the firm is getting ready to announce its upcoming V-series smartphones by January 2021 officially.