HarmonyOS could start showing up on Huawei phones from 2020

The revoking of Huawei’s Android license has not made things easy for the company, but they have always had a backup plan. With HarmonyOS, the company was the worst that could happen – which would have been total booting off the Android platform. However, it seems that the Asian OEM is tired of all the back and forth and will now be bringing their own OS to the market.

This was confirmed by the company’s president at the recent conference held, and it is said that the year 2020 will usher in the first wave of HarmonyOS-powered devices.

Note that it has already been said that HarmonyOS has fewer lines of code, and is also better secure, than Android is. The president of Huawei might have said that the aim of the OS is not to replace Android, but that might be where things are headed at the end of the day. Seeing as Huawei will be selling phones carrying HarmonyOS outside of China, and will also make the platform open source, it might as well take over from Android.

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