Google releases Pixel 4 teaser video, focuses on the Soli sensor

Google releases Pixel 4 teaser video, focuses on the Soli sensor

Google has always been stubborn when it comes to its Pixel devices, but it seems they want to do something different on the Pixel 3/ Pixel 3 XL successors.

A couple of days back, we revealed that there was an extra sensor under the hood which could be a Soli sensor that the company had been working on for a while now. The official teaser video released by Google today confirms that, and we love what it can do.

The video focuses mainly on the large forehead that is supposed to come with the Pixel 4. In a time and age where bezel-less screens are ruling the market, we can forgive Google this one time since they brought amazing features with the bezel.

Inside that forehead is an IR scanner to be used for Face Unlock. The technology behind this biometric is similar to what we have on the iPhone X models, so you know security is not an issue. Likewise, the phone will ship with a Titan M chip which stores your facial data on-site rather than online where it could be accessed by anyone.

Leaving that for a moment, we see the Soli sensor which allows you control the phone with gestures. By control, we mean you will now be able to change tracks, silence alarm and calls, and so much more – all by waving your hands in front of the phone. Besides, it is also said that the Soli sensor will help sense when you reach for your phone, waking up the screen almost instantly to ensure an unlock is done.

Everything will probably happen so fast; you wouldn’t even know it.

More than before, we are excited to see this unit launch. If Google can show us this much of the device, it is sure that there is so much more they are not telling us yet.