Google: New Wear OS might or might not make it to existing units

Google New Wear OS might or might not make it to existing units

The smart wear market has been dominated by Apple and Samsung not because they are the only brands, but because they have an interface that makes their units easy to use.

Another popular platform is the Wear OS and over time, it has not caught up. For something that is the brainchild of Google, we are somehow concerned that they were not able to scale it to work fast as they should have.

That said, though, Google has not been resting on its oars either. It has been said that the poor fate of the Wear OS is also due to the Qualcomm chipsets that these watches come with. When the new sets of Qualcomm 3100 and 4100 chipsets started rolling out, there was surely an improvement to the watches.

But we still needed a snappier interface.

As of the time of this writing, a new, better and unified Wear OS interface has been launched. Although it is yet to make it to any watch, it is believed that this will be the gamechanger for Wear OS watches.

The issue, however, is that Google fails to confirm if this new update will make it to the existing Wear OS watches. Even though Qualcomm has confirmed that most of the recent smartwatches on the OS can run the new platform, Google released a statement that is as vague as it comes.

Posted on XDA Developers forum, Google claims that they have not ‘confirmed eligibility or timeline on whether any Wear OS smartwatch will update to the new unified platform.’

From a business point of view, they might want to keep the tech to new units so users can go for those. It would be great to see what the Android giant comes up with in the coming weeks.