Google extends Preferred Care for Pixel 2 units by 6 months

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Google’s Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL started developing some issues around October of last year and that forced the Android giant to extend the warranty on both units to two years which is effective as from the time of purchase. However, they did not offer additional duration for the Preferred Care program, rendering the extended warranty somewhat useless.

All that is changing now with Google slapping an extra 6 months on the existing one-year package in the Preferred Care program. That effectively gives users 30 full months of coverage when their device gets damaged accidentally, all from the time of first purchase.

If you have started using the Pixel 2 units, chances are Google would have sent the notification to inform you about that already. For those who did not know, the Preferred Care program also covers cases of mechanical damage to the units. This kicks into swing after the official two-year warranty period has elapsed

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