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Google Chrome’s new update brings faster bootup time, less crashes and more

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The Google Chrome might be the most used browser in the world, but that does not mean that it is without its own flaws.

For one, users have always complained of how much memory the app consumes in the background. That, and we have also had issues with constant freezing of the browser when you relaunch it with a series of tabs open.

It is, thus, great that Google is listening to the complaints of the users as they have brought out a new update (Chrome 89) which fixes those issues and more.

According to the official release, the new Chrome version will see a 13% jump in start times due to a better memory management. Google explains that your other tabs left running will now be loaded into a lightweight version of the browser on next start-up. They show up only as a screenshot of the page you had left open but you can still interact with the links and clickable elements on that page.

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Google believes that the new update brings an overall 22% boost in browser performance and does 8% better in GPU rendering.

We know that these tests tend to be carried out in controlled environments so that actual numbers might not be equal to what is reported. Given the standing and reputation of Google in the market, we doubt that they would want to veer too much off real numbers – so you should expect a sizeable boost truly.

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