Galaxy Fold 2 to feature clamshell design, UTG for better durability

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The Galaxy Fold we have on the market right now comes with a plastic back design. While that is functional enough for the first unit, it doesn’t add to the premium feel and also doesn’t withstand scratch as well.

These are the considerations which Samsung itself has made, and they will be going for glass on the next model.

According to the reports, the choice will be one called Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) which is not much thicker than human hair, yet, could withstand the pressure from bending while also supplying the needed strength, premium feel and durability that the OEM is going for.

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The next phone is believed to be one that would test a new form factor in clamshell rather than what we have out now. Of course, that should make it more affordable, but not by a long shot.

It is a waiting game for now till the phone launches in Q1 2020, if all else we have been hearing in the rumour mill turns out to be true

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