First Medtrade Launches Online Medical Store

First Medtrade launches online medical store.
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First Medtrade, a Nigerian e-health tech startup, has announced its online medical market. This market is created to supply hospitals and other health care facilities across Nigeria with essential medical needs.

This innovation looks to create an efficient channel through which the purchase of necessary medical consumables will be convenient and seamless. The medical supplies are essential for administering quality care for patients in hospitals.

On the online platform, a range of specialized medical consumables such as renal, laboratory, cardiac, prosthetic implants, radiology, orthotics, theatre, and orthopedic consumables will be available.

Also, several tools and devices required in a hospital, and for performing surgical operations are available for purchase through the online medium.

“The majority of the hospitals in Nigeria depend largely on a long distribution chain of resellers and agents for foreign-made medical consumables for the supply of medical needs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a greater need for medical consumables by healthcare facilities,” said CEO of First Medtrade, Dr. Jonah Asiegbu.

“The two major factors that can affect the market include scarcity of commodities and the high retail price of medical supplies. However, we are tackling these challenges by providing hospitals with a single online platform. On this platform, the purchase of a wide range of medical consumables from accredited manufactures and wholesalers is made possible,” Dr. Jonah added.

To make purchases, Hospitals visit the online platform and submit a request. They will then get a quote for the presented request, make a payment, and have their supplies delivered at a preferred location.

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