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First developer preview for Android P launched as timeline for development revealed

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First developer preview for Android P launched as timeline for development revealed

We are still loving the Android 8 Oreo dessert that Google has put on the table, but the Android OS giant might have set its sights to even bigger things.

According to a new report from the Android Developers website, the Android P beta will be out on the market as early as May. For those that do not know, there’s already a developer preview of the Android P in the market, and it came out yesterday (March 7).

When the second developer preview comes out for Android P in early May, that would mean the software has exited its alpha stage and moved onto beta testing. From there, we could have the possibility of an open beta testing where any and all members of the public will be able to check out what the Android P will entail upon launch.

As the timeline progresses into early June, we will start to get their developer preview. That will be accompanied by updates such as the addition of final APIs and Play publishing. DP4 will be the version that the candidate can go on to test again. While that would still be unstable, we would be getting ready for the final thing. By the time we get DP5 in August, there would be just a matter of few weeks before the official version of the new dessert is unveiled.

From now, that is a good six months to look at. Of course, we are excited to learn everything that Google plans for us this time around. While we wait though, would you like to guess what the P could possibly mean?

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