Fallout 4 and Black Ops III Record Big Sales

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Fallout 4 and Black Ops III were recently released, and these two games have experienced tremendous success in market in just few days after launching.

It was discovered that the Black Ops III has generated revenue of over $550 million in three days, making the shooter game the biggest launch of the year in the gaming industry. The game has beaten the former record holder – Microsoft’s Halo 5.
Call Of Duty Black Ops III
The Black Ops launched on November 6th and by November 9th, the number of sales rose significantly, and the international acceptability was felt after the company was able to sell this game in all the parts of the world.

The Black Ops III is now the only Call of Duty game which has commanded more hours per player in the space of a week after players logged over 75 million hours in just 3 days, making it the record holder for the most engaging game.

Fallout 4 also enjoyed a measure of success, commanding lots of sales after few days of its release.

Bethesda has announced that the company shipped over 12 million copies of the game on the day the game was launched, making it the most pre-ordered game this year.

If figures are put together, Fallout 4 could be one of the most successful game of the year because the pre-order in the first 24 hours is put in excess of $750 million.
Many retailers who got their shipment have already started informing Bethesda of the interest the game is drawing and how well it can do in market. Bethesda is still rolling out more shipments of the Fallout 4 to meet the high market demand.

The Fallout 4 is now the most successful game from Bethesda after it beat the 7 million shipment and the 3.5 million sales of the Elder Scroll V: Skyrim in 48 hours. The Fallout 4 also set a record for being the most-viewed game launch.

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