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Facebook has now banned Huawei from preinstalling its apps

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Tech giant, Huawei, has been making headlines recently after they became a pawn in the China-US trade war. Today, they have been dealt another blow in the shape of Facebook now preventing them from preinstalling apps from the company onto their phones.

According to Reuters, Huawei is no longer able to pre-install Facebook apps on their latest devices and other related brands. This also includes WhatsApp and Instagram, which are both owned by Facebook. The ban specifically applies to models that yet to be shipped.

On the bright side, existing Huawei phone users will still be able to use and receive updates on these apps. Users can manually install these apps if they do not have them pre-installed. The apps can also be installed from the App store.

Huawei is expected to announce their very own OS in August, and no one is entirely sure, but bets are on the name being ArkOS. Hopefully, that should remedy some of the current problems on ground.

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