Dual Bluetooth might be coming to the iPhone 11. Here’s how

The first breakthrough that Apple managed with Bluetooth technology came in the form of its AirPods. These little amazing devices had the ability to connect to the same Bluetooth source and stream the same audio without lags, and that was laudable.

However, whenever you wanted to share audio with a friend, you would have to give them one of the AirPods to use. If the information we are getting now is anything to go by, the days of sharing AirPods might be fast coming to an end.

This report is centred around the iPhone 11 series which are promised to feature an ability to beam audio to two different pairs of AirPods at once. To put that in context, you will now be able to use your own full set of AirPods while still streaming the same audio to another user on their own set of AirPods.

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New iPhone models already have the ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices at once, but can only play audio via one. If this does launch with the iPhone 11, it could be one of the many little but important things which Apple uses to win the market over to its side.

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