Chrome 77 brings Site Isolation feature to Android phones

Chrome 77 brings Site Isolation feature to Android phones

Google Chrome is one of the apps that takes up needed space on your Android phone – but a new update is going to ensure it takes even more space than before. Before you decide that the next update is not worth having, though, this is a good thing.

It seems Google is finally bringing a Chrome feature called Site Isolation to their mobile versions, and this will require a bit of memory to work.

What the feature does is prevent sites from linking up with other sites you have opened in other tabs. In other words, a malicious site will not be able to track your activity across other websites you open but be in isolation.

This is a great way to beef up security on the app, and we believe you will be willing to give up 2% of extra space just to get this new feature. Coming as a part of Chrome 77, note that the feature will only be available on Android phones with at least 2GB of RAM on them.

Even at that, Google is still testing how efficient this can be, so your version of Chrome might not run this capability yet.