Cheki Nigeria launches virtual showroom for brand new cars

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Nigeria’s popular online auto marketplace, Cheki, has launched a virtual showroom for brand new vehicles on their website.

The virtual showroom contains all necessary information about brand new cars from Cheki. There’s a brief description about the new vehicles on the page.

Users get to know the specs, pricing detail and other vital information about the vehicles. Users can also take advantage of warranties, servicing and even book test drives before making any purchases via the virtual showroom.

Although Cheki promised a 360-degree virtual tour of all the featured vehicles in the brand new section, the feature is still a work in progress at the moment. Country Manager of Cheki, Tomi Hodonu, expressed excitement about the new virtual showroom.

 “We at Cheki are very excited to announce the Brand New Cars virtual showroom” he said.

“This innovation was borne out of the need to give our clients a select service that directly meets their specific automobile needs, and enable them to make well informed purchase decisions regarding brand new cars,” he added.

Established in 2010, Cheki’s main value proposition has been to provide a platform for users to buy and sell used cars. In addition to this, it is a market place for buyers and sellers of auto spare parts to meet and do business.

There’s also a car insurance section on the Cheki site. However the firm has now expanded their offerings to include brand new cars from accredited dealers in a masterstroke business decision.

Now that they’ve cultivated a rather large audience, asides from the usual used cars business, Cheki can now begin to sell access to that audience to car dealers, hence the launch of the brand new cars’ virtual showroom.

Their first partnership is with West African conglomerate, Stallion Group, to provide a wide array of Volkswagen cars. It’s expected they’ll partner with more auto dealers in the near future as things go on.

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