BBC Micro Bit Computer heading to 1 million UK schoolkids

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BBC announced that it would distribute about 1 million Micro bit computers to school children aged 11 to 12 years old across the United Kingdom.

The tiny computer was unveiled during a conference in London this week where future plans to be implemented in October were discussed. Micro bit project had been introduced early this year as a sub-project of Make It Digital initiative.

Developing the Micro:bit technology remained a marvelous project for us as a team”,

said Tony Hall, Director BBC.

We are aiming towards the provision of 1 million Micro Bits to roll all over the UK”,

he added.

The BBC Micro bit is a joint project of a number of leading companies including mainly ARM, Farnell, Microsoft and Samsung.

The partners of this project hope that this micro-computer will have an impact on the next generation of children, imbibing in them an urge to understand computer basics and programming languages.

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Micro bit will be commercialized this October when free units of the device will be offered to students between the age bracket of 11 to 12 years.

Microsoft has a special contribution in the development of Micro bit i.e. the development of browser-based programming interface.

The Micro Bit is 4 x 5 cm (1.6 x 2 inches) in dimensions, but this tiny gadget wraps lots of features in it including a grid of 25 LEDs that form a particular display pattern when programmed.

It also has 2 programmable buttons and a built-in accelerometer and a compass.

The Micro Bit can link with other devices either through five input/output rings or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

BBC expects the upcoming generation to move digitally and Micro bit is specially designed for children who are home-schooled so that every child can have his hands on it.

This is a great initiative by BBC and the partner companies as we take another step towards a digital world.

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