Apple Moves to Fix iOS bug that allows Remote Hack of iOS 13 Devices

Apple moves to fix iOS bug that allows remote hack of iOS 13 devices
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Every day we hear of some mobile OS security flaw, and the latest one to plague Apple devices is as serious as they come.

This is a zero-click vulnerability too, which means that you don’t even need to do anything before you lose access to your units. The bug that makes this hack possible is in the Mail app which just receives the said mail and grants the hacker root access into the phone. From there, they can take control of the email apps and even phone at large.

Knowing how security conscious Apple is, they have since sent out an update to address the issue. Note that this is an issue on the iOS 13, so you have to be updated to the latest version before you can get this new update too.

Apple was reached for comments and they admitted to knowing about the issue. The update to this problem has been included in a beta rollout – so not all users have it yet. As soon as it comes your way, ensure you download and install it to be on the safer side of things.

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