Apple launches its cheapest iPhone till date, dubs it iPhone SE (2020)

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Guess what, people?

Apple has finally confirmed all the leaks and rumors, and they have launched the cheapest iPhone yet again. This is the iPhone SE (2020) – and it starts at a price of $399.

A first look at the device will make you believe that you are looking at an iPhone 8. That is not totally wrong since that is the base model that was used for this one. However, the company has also changed a lot of things and yet, brought this one to us at that price range.

Smartphone Deals on Jumia

Most people would argue that this phone is still not as cheap as the original iPhone SE. Considering when that phone launched, and adjusting for inflation though, this new device is the cheapest unit from the company.

Of course, you would have to go back to the Touch ID system for this device. But then, you get updated internals and a lot of support years in front of you.

If you have also checked out the Apple iPhone SE (2020), would you like to get one when the shipping starts on April 24?

Smartphone Deals on Jumia