Apple iPad Pro could feature next-gen AR capabilities via AR tech

Apple is known to keep the wraps on their devices tight, and they are doing the same thing with the upcoming iPad Pro. While we have not heard much on the device to date, we now know that the unit might come with advanced capabilities for 3D mapping – and just how it does that is amazing too.

On the back of the tablet, there will be a standard camera sensor and a standalone 3D sensor which performs the function stated above. According to the report, this 3D sensor will be used to map rooms and other areas in real-time, helping users perform such tasks as redesigning rooms in a virtual space.

If this does happen, such technology will even more advanced than the 3D Face ID which Apple has on all of the iPhone X/ XS/ XS Max/ XR and iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max.

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Note that there has been no official confirmation to the presence of this feature. Seeing as the lid is kept tight on features, though, this could as well be one that slipped out.

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