Android 9 Pie has only made it to about 10% of all Android devices so far

Android 9 Pie has only made it to about 10% of all Android devices so far

With every new update to the Android OS comes additional features and tweaks to improve the Android experience that much more. However, it has been nine months since the release of the current Android 9 Pie, and the world seems not to be fazed by this addition at all.

Putting things in context, this update is present on only 10% of all Android devices all over the world.

A stunning comparison that can be made in this regard is that the iOS 12 update – which is the latest for iPhone and iPads has made it to more than 80% of Apple device users. If we consider the fact that Android has a lot more units in the market than iOS, though, we can see that the number evens out in the end.

Very soon, Google plans to unveil the new creation that they have dubbed Android Q. This would open yet another cycle in the running for users, and they might not even get on it as much as the search engine giant hopes.

The biggest reason for this could be that Android users do not get the same push notifications to upgrade their OS like the iOS users have. On the other hand, it is understandable that not every Android device gets the chance to upgrade their OS.

For phones that launch with the new operating system, users are usually waiting a year or more (when these phones will be more affordable) to get in on it at all. Combining all that, it is understood that new operating systems will have a lower penetration in the market.

If this continues, though, it might start spelling doom for manufactures who are always getting in on the latest OS in town.