YouTube Gaming from Google to challenge Twitch

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Google has launched YouTube Gaming, a platform to take on the popular live game streaming service Twitch.

The news about a YouTube spinoff to compete with the ever so popular Twitch owned by Amazon was first heard in June.

YouTube Gaming

The new YouTube platform will offer live streaming, promotional videos as well as gameplay footage and much more.

Frank Petterson, Engineering Manager on the project for YouTube, says, “This is just the beginning.”

Google had previously made a bid for Twitch, but Amazon won that round. So Google’s YouTube Gaming is just their way of saying “Google is self-sufficient” I guess.

YouTube already has a large community of people uploading gaming videos. The YouTube Gaming site will drag all of the live streams and game-related videos into one place.

The site, as well as a mobile app, is designed specially keeping in mind the gaming fanatics. For example, a search beginning with “Batman” won’t suggest the latest Batman flicks but propose the “Arkham series” instead.

Once viewers engage in a live stream, they can engage in conversations with other viewers as well.

The creators will get full access to monitor all the comments on their contents from the app. All the videos can also be easily shared as YouTube gaming will support custom URL for each stream.

All videos on YouTube gaming will stream at 60fps and the app will be available for iOS and Android.

Google was unable to buy off Twitch, it’s worth seeing how their alternative (built from scratch) will compare with the popular live streaming video platform.

If you are interested in the gaming service it will be accessible at all places where YouTube is accessible.

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