Xiaomi starts rolling out MIUI 10 beta based on the Android Q

Xiaomi starts rolling out MIUI 10 beta based on the Android Q

Xiaomi has been working hard to admit users into the beta testing for Android Q, and they have successfully gotten as many people as they want. Now, the Asian company is rolling out the beta version of the upcoming Android flavour to users of its Mi 9 unit in China.

If you signed up for the beta program, you should have gotten an OTA update notification which will bump you to the next firmware version that carries this beta with it. For those who don’t have such a notification, flashing the firmware onto the device manually should get the job done.

Images of the new MIUI 10 (which is to be based on Android Q) have already been shared, but they look quite similar to what was obtainable on MIUI 9.

Since this is just the first beta version, there is a high chance Xiaomi does more in the way of improving the outlook to look more distinct. In the same vein, they might not do so – opting to make the changes non-superficial instead.

After all said and done, Android Q is the flavour that is promised to bring better privacy settings to the Android scene.

If you are getting this beta, do know that it would in no way be stable. If you are not prepared to deal with bugs, you would be better off staying on the stable MIUI 9 build instead.