WhereIsMyTransport – a South African mobility startup – secures $14.5 Series A extension round

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One of the goals of every startup is to make a profit. And to do that, such a business has to procure solution(s) to a general problem.

That is how the majority of businesses out there sustain and rake in profit. The same applies to the transport system. And many are diving into the mobility business.

In that vein, a South African transport company – WhereIsMyTransport – has secured a $14.5 Series A extension round to help it scale across other markets.

The startup, which started operations in 2016, is a significant data medium for sustainable mobility in emerging markets.

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The startup does not only run the transport business, but it took a step further to collect data and integrate the information on its open data platform to ensure it delivers a satisfactory service.

The startup has dedicated products that allow cities to monitor services, operators, and the passengers who access the platform through apps and endpoints synchronized with the WhereIsMyTransport platform.

Meanwhile, the company plans to channel the new investment towards its expansion across emerging markets.

Currently, the firm is operating in Mexico. And it has mapped over 34 African countries.

‘’WhereIsMyTransport started in South Africa intending to become a central source of accurate and reliable public transport data for high-growth markets,’’ said Devin de Vries, CEO of WhereIsMyTransport.

‘’We are thrilled to welcome Naspers as our investor in our quest to expand beyond Africa.’’

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