WhatsApp enables voice-calling for Windows Phone

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WhatsApp, the most popular chat app on mobile has finally landed their voice-calling feature on the Windows Phone platform. The video-calling feature has been active on other mobile platforms for few months now.

With WhatsApp voice calling feature on Windows Phone, many users can now take advantage of making voice calling over mobile data or Wi-Fi. This feature is technically known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

The version of WhatsApp which supports voice calling on Windows Phone is Voice calling is not the only new feature that is released with the update.

Non-Windows phone users can now send audio files to their friends easily. The option of sending audio files was previously present in Windows phone’s WhatsApp version.

If you are thinking of downloading the update, you can go forward and download the update from the Windows Phone Store.

Many small changes were also added in the update. They have clearly mentioned how you can not use their WhatsApp calling for emergency services, such as calling 911 or ambulance.

With this update, the WhatsApp voice calling has been made available to all the major platforms. The major platforms include Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry 10.

Many windows phone users might find the feature useless as there are reports of bad call quality of WhatsApp.

Other users are advocating the feature as it gives them the option to call their friends for free. Well, opinions do matter, but we hope that the voice quality increases in the near future.

WhatsApp is no stranger. It is one of the highest used chat messenger on the internet with over 800 million monthly active users, it is only bound to grow from here.

In other news WhatsApp has been reported for the worst privacy features.

What’s your take on the WhatsApp voice calling? Comment below and let us know.

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