Uber and Bolt drivers in Lagos commence strike action. Here’s why

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The two of the biggest ride hailing services in Nigeria – Uber and Bolt – seem to have lost favour with their drivers as the latter group has gone on a strike action against the companies.

Over the years, both companies have engaged in a lot of promotions and offers in a bid to win customers over. To do this, they have to lower their fares and apply some discounts to the riders. However, the drivers claim that the company is not taking those costs out of its own pockets but shelving them onto the drivers.

Likewise, drivers are disgruntled that both companies are taking a 25% cut from their earnings without doing any other thing than providing a platform for them to work on. As part of the strike action, there are demands for the commissions to be brought down to 10%.

Seeing as economic hardship mounts in the country and the pump price of fuel keeps going up in the same vein, it is not out of place that these drivers are complaining bitterly right now.

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Many Nigerians now depend on these ride hailing platforms, so such a strike action will leave both companies largely under-staffed and they would have to meet with the drivers to determine a course of action soon.

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