TIBU raises undisclosed amount in new funding round to boost business

TIBU raises undisclosed amount in new funding round to boost business

TIBU, a Kenyan e-health start-up, has raised an undisclosed amount in a recent funding round and they hope to scale to bigger heights with this new investment.

For those who do not know this company, they specialise in deploying medical assets and assistance to patients at a time and place of their choosing. It is one of the moves towards modern and future healthcare advancement, allowing healthcare seekers to choose which services they need, where they need such and match with someone willing to meet their needs at that point in time.

Built in 2019 (although the plan had been in place since 2016), TIBU has reached over 10,000 clients from all across the country.

According to the company CEO, some of the intended plans for the cash includes setting up a high-tech micro laboratory.

This means that patient samples do not have to be taken back to a physical lab somewhere else for analysis when it can be analysed in real time with the right tech. That improves the services that the health practitioners signed up to the start-up can render, boosts the image of the brand and delivers better healthcare to the clients.

At the same time, some of the cash will also be earmarked for marketing and business development.

The start-up is going strong already. On the back of that, they also plan on hosting a series A funding round in September. By then, we are sure more investors would have heard about the good work that this start-up is doing and want to get in on the train.