The Web is moving towards Encryption: Microsoft, Reddit and WikiPedia

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Security and encryption on the web is becoming more important these days. With the latest news of tech giants encrypting their connections, chances are that HTTPS connection will be mainstream soon.

One of the reasons behind the change in the security aspects of the websites or platforms is the increased hacking activity and also the attempts of spying agency to grab all your browsing data and habits.

The first in the list is WikiPedia, which recently came up with the news of encrypting all the traffic using the HTTPS protocol. This means that you can learn as much as you would like without getting embarrassed about the learning habits you exhibit.

Yahoo took this step way back in 2014, and were one of the first to offer encryption for their services.

The latest buyer of securing their traffic is Reddit, who have declared, using their platform, that from June 29, they will stop supporting HTTP protocol and will transfer all their current traffic to SSL encryption.

They also issued an early warning for others to make their apps support HTTPS before the change, otherwise the apps will stop working.

Check Reddit announcement here.

The last of the players, Microsoft, also announced their changes to the Bing traffic. In their official bing blog, they announced that all the Bing traffic will be encrypted by default. This means that you can only access Bing using the HTTPS protocol and not the HTTP protocol.

With four major players making changes to their security, with three doing it recently is a good indication of how privacy is becoming important not only for the consumers but also by the service providers.

With spying agencies dropping the call on all the communication, it is high time for everyone to use secure lines.

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