Telkom to Announce TelkomONE, a Local Video Streaming Platfrom, in South Africa by November

Telkom to Announce TelkomONE, a Local Video Streaming Platfrom, in South Africa by November

In the last couple of months, especially the times when the cases of COVID-19 was rising rapidly, several telecommunication firms experienced a surge in the number of subscribers using their services.

Due to the pandemic, lockdown laws, which caused everyone to stay at home, were enforced to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

In that time, many needed to work from home, study from home, or get entertained online. One thing that connects these activities is the use of the internet.

A lot of telecom service providers took to opportunity to rake in more customers by offering flexible and affordable mobile data services.

A business has to keep offering quality services to its customers. In that regard, Telkom, a South-Africa based company, is planning to introduce TelKomONE, which is a new streaming platform, in November 2020.

According to the company, the video streaming service will contain varieties of local South African content such as tv series, music, reality shows, and educational programmes.

Wanda Mkhize, Executive of Smart Home & Content, Telkom, says ‘’TelkomONE will debut as a proud local and South-African content-based streaming platform. We want to host and showcase amazing content produced from our shores.’’

Telkom announced that the service would be available in web, app, and a physical streaming module. It supports daily, weekly, and monthly subscription plans over a section of several TV channels available to subscribers for free.

Further, Mkhize mentioned that the company is in search of fresh content creators to contribute rich content that will feature in the upcoming video streaming service.

‘’We have initiated a competition under the hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry. Content producers wishing to portray their skills can post their works under the hashtag, and they stand the chance of winning amazing prizes which will help them in their craft. Selected winners will also have their content featured on the TelkomONE.’’ Mkhize concluded.