Sparkle Collaborates with Visa to Provide Its Customers with Flexible Payment Methods

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Back in June, news about the launch of a new fintech – Sparkle, broke, and it aired on many websites all over the country. The startup is moving fast and also making big moves. It recently joined forces with Visa to empower its customers and provide them with a satisfying banking experience.

The startup was founded by Uzoma Dozie, a tech entrepreneur and the former CEO of Diamond Bank. Sparkle looks to provide banking solutions to citizens of the country, retailers, and small businesses enterprises as well.

As a digital ecosystem aimed at providing its customers with support services in terms of business, finance, and lifestyle, Sparkle has partnered with Visa to issue Visa debit cards to its customers.

The fintech offers intensive support such as flexible payment schemes, savings and analytics, and malleable control over lifestyle, to individuals and SMEs. Its mobile app provides the user with total access to an account that offers various services and multiple wallets.

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Following Sparkle’s partnership with Visa, its customer will be able to make in-app payments and e-commerce purchases with the virtual Visa card or the plastic cards linked to their Sparkle profile.

‘’Our partnership with Visa presents our customers with an array of benefits. In our journey to re-define e-commerce, we are excited to have Visa by our side. Working with a global brand such as Visa gives us the chance to deliver bespoke and personalized services to our customers,’’ Uzoma said.

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