South African startup introduces online marketplace for space rental

South African startup introduces online marketplace for space rental
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Many times, finding the space that suits your needs and specifications can be difficult and time-consuming.

The stress involved in looking for a place suitable for you is one of the cons of searching for space.

Today, the advent of technology is tackling the problem of stress in every aspect of life.

In that vein, a South African startup – SpaceMatch – has employed technological tools to provide a solution for people searching for space.

The startup has launched an online platform that allows landlords to list their available spaces online.

SpaceMatch helps prospective tenants to view and secure any space they desire. This initiative reduces stress and also simplifies the rental process for both parties.

Further, the startup also allows retail, popup, and exhibition spaces owners to list their properties on the platform for free.

To secure a space, a prospective tenant must register on the SpaceMatch platform to view and apply for rent spaces that they desire.

Meanwhile, the space owners dictate how and when their spaces can be used.

The beauty of it all is that the entire transaction – including legal contracts and FICA verifications – can be completed online and concluded in a matter of days.

‘’Think about it as a matchmaking for landlords and tenants that offers the convenience of Airbnb,’’ said CEO of SpaceMatch, Kevin Singer.

‘’Retail is an industry in flux, and SpaceMatch is entering the market to provide a new platform for landlords and tenants in search of space.’’

Kevin mentioned that the website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and contains information on industry trends.

Currently, SpaceMatch has over 120 properties listed on its platform; and the firm aims to increase the count to 1,000 by the middle of the year.

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