Snapchat enhances its Bitmoji so much, your avatars can even have your hair

snapchat image

snapchat image

What is better than the Snapchat Bitmoji initiative? Don’t rack your brain for too long. The answer is ‘enhanced Snapchat Bitmojis,’ and that is what the company has now given its fans.

If you are a user of the popular picture and video sharing application, you are in for a ride. In a new update to the web-based application, you can now customise your Bitmoji to have over 40 different skin tones.

It does not end there, as they have also given you power over the hair. In fact, you have 50 different colours to choose from here, and a further 50 different hair treatment options. With these tools, there is rarely a case where you won’t be able to customise your Bitmoji to look remotely like you.

Coming with Bitmoji Deluxe, the company will surely make a lot of users happy with this new update. Likewise, it goes on to support that they are a racially-friendly outfit, dong well for their PR.

Although there is still no facial recognition technology to customise your Bitmoji for you, the Mobile app gives you the option to take a selfie while customising. That, it is believed, would help you pay better attention to details in your work.

In the backend, the new update gives Snapchat even more flexibility. If all that is technical jargons to you, it simply means that they have made it easier to update the Bitmoji system, so expect better updates in the future.

Acquiring the Bitmoji app for some $64.2 million back in the year 2016, Snapchat has been able to make something good happen with the application. What we hope right now is that the brand can expand faster before Facebook – one big company that shamelessly copies the ideas of Snapchat – starts its own version and aims to overtake.