Skype for Business will now be on your Phones and Tablets

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Microsoft announced that Skype for business is now in development for iOS and Android devices, weeks after it made its debut on the Windows Phone platform too.

So with its inclusion in the iOS and Android environment, the application will be available on all major mobile OSes (sorry BlackBerry).

Skype for Business, with its original launch two months ago, was integrated into MS Office Calendar. It allowed a max of 250 people to join a group messaging/ video chats/calls.

Mobile version of Skype for Business:

The Application is going to have a central dashboard. This feature will be used for searching contacts, checking and RSVP to upcoming meetings. All your archived conversations will also be available via the dashboard.

It will also offers larger On-Screen buttons and full-screen video chat options. This should make the overall experience more fine-tuned.

As already stated, Skype for business is a work in progress and is not finished yet. Currently, Microsoft is in search for businesses who will volunteer for its preview program.

Corporate Managers can sign eight Employees (four for iOS and four for Android) to take part in the preview. To participate you have to log-on to by August 17th.

“Microsoft is by no doubt a clear market leader in the field of communication,”

said Gurdeep Pall, Corporate Vice president of Skype.

“I’m confident that no other company in the world can connect people like Microsoft can”

he added

The app ecosystem is built on Lync 2013, and users have to install the latter program in order to use Skype for business.

Microsoft had included three technical previews to the software- Skype Meeting broadcast, PSTN conferencing, and the Cloud PBX.

No doubt the software will be great for Businesses. The official launch of Skype for Business will be later this year.

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